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In partnership with the International School of Brussels, Zein Child Care provides premium Day Care to ISB families on the school Campus.  Click on the links above or scroll down to discover more…


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About Zein Childcare

Zein has provided international childcare for over 10 years and is a trusted partner to all international schools in The Hague, The Netherlands.


Zein was founded by committed international childcare professionals who understood the importance for international working parents to give their children the best start in life, through day care in a safe and engaging environment. Zein has won several awards for their innovative and progressive approach to childcare and was recently nominated for ‘best childcare provider in The Netherlands’ Find out more about Zein’s services and locations in The Netherlands:


Day care

The Day Care Centre on the campus of the ISB is run by Zein International Child Care. Offering high quality international day care, for children aged from 3 months to 3 years old. The curriculum is tailor-made, ensuring a smooth transition to the ISB Early Childhood Centre.

Day care is offered on a full day basis, from Monday to Friday, all year round. Zein’s programme contains a clear statement of Zein’s vision and philosophy that comprehensively addresses all areas of child development: social-emotional, cognitive, physical and creative fine motor skills. Teachers work with small number of children at a time, to ensure focused quality. Zein provides organic, freshly made warm meals and snacks for the children.

ISB is committed to provide education to individuals of all nationalities to develop their potential. It is clear that experiences of early childhood are critical to the whole development of a child through to adulthood. The day care provision provides experiences for children that are enjoyable and secure but also challenging and stimulating. Any education of children should be caring, structured, respectful and fun.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the opening hours of Zein International Childcare?

    Our day care is open from 08:00 to 18:30.

    We recommend that parents arrive at the centre for pick-up not later than 18:20 to enable the teacher provide adequate update on the child’s day as well as give you and your child a comfortable time to prepare for home. Staff shifts end at 18:30. Please note that you are free to pick up your child at any time during the day.



  • Why would I choose Zein International Childcare?
    • Zein International Childcare is an award winning organisation with many years of experience in the provision of specialised international childcare services. Zein has served over 1000 international families.

    • Zein's programme is a fun play-based, child centered curriculum that recognises the inherent abilities and differences of children and guides them accordingly to develop cognitively (communication, language and numerical skills), socially, emotionally, physically, creatively etc.

    • Zein understands the thrills and challenges expatriation bring to families. The founders of Zein are themselves expats, who understand the needs and the service level expected by expats.

    • Zein is open to progressive ideas from parents as partners in the care and nurture of the children.

    • The International School of Brussels, selected us after an extensive research and selection process as the childcare provider on their premises.

    • In case your child would attend the ISB later on, it is good to know that our international curriculum is based on the ISB curriculum, making the transition from daycare to the Early Childhood Centre of ISB rather easy.



  • How are children prepared for their transition to ISB?

    Zein International Childcare, in the first place, is a 'home' for your child and not a school in the formal sense of it. Nevertheless, children at Zein International Daycare follow a wonderful fun curriculum that is specially designed for international children. This curriculum eases the transition into the ISB Early Childhood Centre or to another daycare, should your career take you and your family abroad.


    Children in our daycare are not only familiar with the ISB building and its children, but also look forward to the day when they can join the big kids at school. We take them on field trips to ISB’s Early Childhood Centre, especially in their last year with us. We do this collaboratively with the ISB teachers.


    Zein shares individual progress reports with ISB teachers on developments and challenges to ensure continuity of progress and the early identification of appropriate preventive interventions.


  • What is included?

    Healthy warm meals and snacks

    We have on-site professional chef, who prepares fresh and nutritious meals on daily basis. Children receive warm meals and snacks throughout the day at no additional cost. You are welcome to bring your own food if you prefer.  We also provide Baby Formula. However, if your child have special requirements, please feel free to supply your own.



    Diapers and wipes for regular and sensitive skins are provided. If your child has special requirements, please feel free to supply your own



  • What should I supply?
    • A favourite toy; perhaps a teddy bear or comfort cloth. Having something familiar will help your child feel more at ease

    • A pair of indoor shoes. We have many young babies and infants crawling, and therefore would want to keep the floor space as clean as possible. We ask that all children wear indoor shoes/slipper.

    • Extra clothes in a labeled bag. This bag can stay at the centre and does not need to be taken home every evening. We will use these to change and make them more comfortable when their clothes get messy or soiled from spill accidents

    • Rain boots for outdoor play to enable your child enjoy water plays without spoiling his/her beautiful shoes

    • A sleeping bag for young children under 12 months, if they are used to sleeping in one at home.

    • A warm hat, mittens, jacket and shawl during cold periods
  • How are the groups set up?

    The daycare is divided into two spacious group areas with a maximum of 18 children per group. Each group has children from 3 months up to 3+ years (‘vertical grouping’). Vertical integration involves deliberate mixing of children, just like in a home.

    Siblings can be together and your child will always have the same trusted key caregivers. This type of grouping provides opportunity for the younger ones to experience and positively emulate the older ones, while providing opportunity for the older ones to develop strong sense of empathy and care for the younger ones, which they extend to playmates.

    Children from different groups play with each other in the garden, so they can also build friendships outside their own group.



  • What would the general structure of a day look like?

    While we have daily schedule and routines, we respect each child's interest. Therefore, our programme is extremely flexible to accommodate each child's interest and individuality.

    Children are able to follow their own pattern for eating, sleeping and playing, just like home. We believe that routines such as snack, lunch, naptime, toileting, dressing and undressing, circle time, arts and craft are things that your child and his/her caregiver should be actively involved in.

    We do our best to make these times "special" one-on-one-times that involves the child and provide choices for him/her.

  • What happens when my child is not feeling well?

    It is best to keep a sick child at home and not bring him/her to the care centre for the following reasons:

    • The comfort, safety and faster recovery of the child

    • The protection of other children from transmittable diseases

    • Care centres, do not have the medical and one-on-one capacity to look after a sick child

    If your child is sick and being taken care of at home, please contact the location manager as soon as possible by phone or email.

    If your child becomes sick or develops higher temperature whilst in our care, we will call you and ask you to pick him/her up as soon as possible. It is important that we are able to reach either of the parents. Please inform us whenever your contact changes.



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